Case Study: Revolutionizing Revenue with a 25% Inbound Lead Surge

Discover how a B2B logistics firm serving South Florida near Port Miami and Port Everglades amplified revenue through strategic digital marketing initiatives.

Client Background: 

Our client, a logistics company operating in a highly competitive sector, relied primarily on local directories and specialized listings for sales leads.



    • Limited visibility and inbound leads from traditional marketing channels.

    • Need to enhance online presence and capture local market opportunities effectively.


Our Approach:

    • Optimized Sales Funnel Creation:
        • Developed and optimized landing pages, lead generation forms, and automated workflows to streamline the customer journey.

    • Strategic Google Ads Campaigns:
        • Implemented Google Ads search campaigns with high-intent keywords targeting local prospects.

        • Utilized location-based targeting to reach potential customers residing near Port Miami and Port Everglades.

    • Experimentation and Optimization:
        • Tested various Google Ads features including competitor targeting, display ads, and retargeting strategies.

        • Identified SEM (Search Engine Marketing) as a key driver by leveraging location targeting and appearing prominently on Google Maps searches for “logistics companies near me”.


    • Achieved a 25% increase in inbound leads, contributing to a steady revenue growth.

    • Enhanced visibility and brand recognition in the local market, positioning the client as a top choice for logistics services in South Florida.

Understanding customer behavior on Google was crucial; a significant percentage of users conduct local searches before making purchasing decisions.

Strategic implementation of SEM and location-based targeting proved effective in capturing the right audience and driving conversions.

This case study underscores how strategic digital marketing efforts, focused on optimizing the sales funnel and leveraging Google Ads effectively, propelled a logistics firm to achieve substantial revenue growth and market expansion in a competitive landscape.