Case Study: Unlocking Growth with LinkedIn and Google Ads

Discover how a US-based software startup achieved an astonishing 800% surge in subscriptions using strategic LinkedIn and Google Ads campaigns.

Client Background:

Our client, a one-year-old software firm with ambitious funding and a visionary founder, faced the challenge of establishing market presence and acquiring customers in a competitive industry.


      • Limited brand recognition and customer base.

      • Need to quickly scale customer acquisition efforts and compete with established brands.

    Our Approach:

        • Strategic Campaign Implementation:


              • LinkedIn Ads: Targeted high-value B2B professionals with precise demographic and industry-specific targeting.

              • Google Ads: Implemented search campaigns focusing on high-intent keywords to capture users actively seeking their software solutions.

              • YouTube Ads: Leveraged video content to engage and educate potential customers, enhancing brand visibility and credibility.

          • Tailored Marketing Strategies:


                • Developed personalized YouTube ads and retargeting campaigns to resonate with the target audience.

            • Continuous Optimization and Expansion:


                  • Maintained a consistent flow of inbound leads through strategic content distribution and engagement.

                  • Aligned marketing efforts with niche industry events to maximize exposure and engagement.



                • Achieved over 100 new customers within the first two years.

                • Reduced customer acquisition time from 6 months to as little as 2 weeks in some cases by the second year.

                • Successfully expanded operations globally and established the company as a key player in the software industry.


              Impact of LinkedIn and YouTube:

                  • LinkedIn and YouTube’s niche audience targeting capabilities played a crucial role in reaching and engaging with decision-makers across industries.

                  • Enhanced brand awareness and lead generation through targeted campaigns and strategic content distribution.


                This case study highlights how a focused approach to LinkedIn and Google Ads, supported by expert digital marketing strategies, propelled a software startup from inception to global expansion and significant subscription growth.