Case Study: Unveiling The Power Of Google Display for E-Commerce Growth

Discover how an e-commerce brand specializing in beauty products leveraged Google Display to skyrocket revenue during key holidays.

Client Background:

Our client, an e-commerce business selling beauty products on Shopify, initially averaged daily sales of $1,500, with product prices ranging from $150 to $999.


The client sought to significantly boost sales during peak holiday seasons like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. They needed a strategy to enhance their online presence, improve conversions, and maximize ROI.

Our Approach:

  • Comprehensive Sales Funnel Optimization:

    • Developed tailored landing pages to streamline user journeys.
    • Integrated Google Merchant and Amazon to expand product reach and accessibility.
  • Strategic Campaign Implementation:

    • Initiated targeted search campaigns to capture high-intent users actively seeking their products.
    • Launched retargeting campaigns with compelling discount incentives to re-engage and convert previous visitors.
  • Enhanced Product Presentation:

    • Optimized product listings with high-quality images and video demonstrations to boost conversion rates.


By implementing these strategies:

  • Daily sales surged from $5,000 to $16,000.
  • During peak holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, sales soared to an impressive $90,000 per day.
  • Achieved higher conversion rates through effective product presentation and strategic retargeting efforts.


Multi-Channel Impact: While primarily utilizing Google Ads, our integrated approach also utilized Facebook and Instagram Ads, leveraging social media to further engage with and expand the client’s audience.

This case study showcases how strategic use of Google Display, along with integrated social media campaigns, can drive substantial revenue growth for e-commerce businesses during critical sales periods.